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why notaphoto? After all, it is all photos!

Well, I guess that ever since notafish has become part of my online identity, I 've stuck with the "nota" part of things. And since I am but an amateur in photography, I thought notaphoto made sense.

About me

My name is Delphine Ménard, also known as notafish, because the dolphin is well, not a fish, but a mammal. I am French, live in Germany, and take photos whenever I feel like it. In my work time, I work as a consultant in intercultural communication. More about this on Culture Clear. I have two blogs, one about intercultural things, called Ceci n'est pas une endive and the other which is notablog.


Here are a few photoblogs I like


  • Pixelpost.org - This is the application that runs this photoblog.
  • Photoblogs.org - Pretty much the oracle of photoblog community.
  • VFXY - many, many photoblogs, link takes you to a random selection.